A real sunset

My husband braked and turned the car around.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“No clouds”, he pointed.
“Yes!”, I cheered and I jumped out of the car as soon as he parked it.

I think I have to explain. Judging by the amount of sunsets I have been posting over the years, one might expect I have seen a real one a few times. You know, the sun sinking into the sea like a big firy ball.
But I haven’t. We’ve been waiting on the beach of Kuta, Bali, we hiked to the lighthouse of Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, we sat at Westpoint, CuraƧao and we watched from our own North Sea Beach. But always, always, there were clouds covering those last few moments. Not that we didn’t enjoy those sunsets, but I really wanted to see one of those fireballs-into-the-sea ones.

Last Sunday we were driving around and found a little road that we never saw before. It led to a small beach and we looked around a bit. The sun started setting and I – of course -  took some pictures.

20140214 (2) (Large)

“Do you want to wait till it’s fully set?” my husband asked and I said: “No, there are clouds again on the horizon, so the best part is already over."

Cause that’s how it goes. You’re waiting for that one, beautiful moment and you find it’s already gone. Also, this little road, even though cars were allowed there, was full of people walking and jogging and I was afraid it would be hard to drive back in the dark.

So we drove our bumpy way back and turned into the road connecting to the main road. Until my husband suddenly turned the car and we saw the sun sinking beneath the horizon for the very first time.
Later I realized I could have filmed it, since it took only minutes. But I never thought of that. I do have a lot of pictures…

20140214 (6) (Large)

20140214 (13) (Large)

20140214 (14) (Large)


  1. ok. it is just crazy to me that you have never seen this before!!
    it is wonderful to me that your husband wanted you to see this!
    and, oh, your pictures are beautiful - but i know they don't even do justice to the real thing.
    hurray! i am so glad that you got to watch the sun set into the ocean - or as maddie just reminded me, the ocean coming up to cover the sun - as the earth turns. :)
    i'm so glad you are enjoying your time on the island!
    hugs to you, dear friend!

    1. Yes, it's crazy. But we've watched two more last week and both had clouds covering the last few minutes... Luckily I love clouds too. And Maddie is right. Clever girl ;-)
      Yes, we're enjoying it very much and it finally seems we're doing a bit of vacationing too. It's been too long since we really took time to relax, but we're finally doing it these days. Hugs to you too!


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