Three things on a Tuesday

I’m not sure my idea of doing this blogseries is really that great. I’m having a bit of trouble finding things to do. No, wait! That’s not true. I’m having trouble to pick three things to blog about while my todo list is miles long (but can be shortened into: clean house, write book, as usually).

I did manage to decide on three things this month, so we’lll see how that goes. And next month… that’s going to be a different month again, but we’ll see that when we get there.

This month I want to:

:: sew a bag to take to the beach
We’re going to Curaçao again in February and one of the things I want to do different this time is that we used a plastic supermarket bag to take to the beach. I want a big bag that can easily hold our two big towels and a bottle of water (and maybe something to eat too). I want a few (zippered) pockets to hold our phones, wallets and keys and I’d like a pocket for my camera too (with thick lining/batting to prevent damage from bumping into things and with some closure to protect it from sand).
Also, I'd love to sew a bag again. It's been too long.

:: declutter and straighten bookcase

20140107 (1) (Large)

I thought this was a small task, but seeing this picture… And I need to relocate some things that are in baskets now (you can see one on top of the book case, the other one is next to my bed) since I feel that when I don’t have easy access to my books I might as well toss them out. Luckily we moved some things around in our office and put the bookcase in our bedroom. Lots of empty space to work with since the only books I moved with it are the ones I wrote (which is kind of sad, since I loved looking at them while I was writing a new one, great motivation).

20140107 (2) (Large)

:: clean up front yard
Uh… didn’t do anything with it since we went to Curaçao last October. I need to clean it up a bit before we go away again (for two months this time!). Can’t ask the girls that stay behind to do the things I neglected.

20140107 (3) (Large)

So those are my three things to do this month. Or at least three things from my endless list I really want to get done…
How about you? Big plans? Or still hibernating?


  1. still hibernating here. wow. it's cold!
    but changes in the air.
    maybe i'll get up the gumption to blog about some of them soon . . .

    1. Yes, I heard how cold it is where you are. I would be hibernating too ;-)
      I hope these changes are good.


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