Three Things on Tuesday ~ not really

It didn’t go too well, this month. I was just too busy and too tired.

My list of things:

:: the garden is still a mess. I love gardening, but not in the rain and cold. Oh well, may be I’ll find some time to pull the biggest weeds later this week.

:: the bookcases: not a very big thing, so that I could manage.


20140107 (2) (Large)

20140107 (1) (Large)


20140228 (1) (Large)

20140228 (2) (Large)

:: sew a beach bag

I found some very strong cotton at the thrift shop for only 2 euro, so I decided to work with that. Those colors felt “beachy” to me. I started cutting yesterday afternoon.
I ended up making a rather simple bag. Big enough to make our beach towels disappear (they were in there when I took the picture), so it will easily hold some waterbottles too.

20140228 (3) (Large)

I didn’t make a pocket for my camera (too complicated) but I did make a zippered pocket for our phones and wallets etc.

20140228 (4) (Large)

I forgot how to make one of those pockets, but luckily I found a tutorial online. The rest of the bag was routine. I made so many of those years ago… This is not one of my best, I have to admit, it does have some little issues because I was in a hurry, really wanting to finish it in time for this post. But it’s big and sturdy, so it will do.

So these were my three things this month. And the last “three things on a tuesday” for a while. I’m going slow down a little on blogging (well, mostly on my dutch blog, it’s slow here already). Listing three things to do just doesn't fit into my life right now (we'll be on CuraƧao again next week). I think I will probably be posting pictures once or twice a week, but we'll see how it goes. I have no idea what to expect this time.