Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Phone photography

I am finally getting used to my phone camera. I have too, since my little always-in-my-purse camera has a problem and I’m not sure if I am going to repair of replace it. I do have a DSLR too, so it feels a little overdone, even though the quality of my phone pictures is not as high as that of the little camera. I do like that I finally can post on Instagram (and link through to facebook, twitter and flickr).

(the first two pictures were made from a moving car, hence the unsharpness in the foreground)

20170108 (2) (Large)

20170108 (3) (Large)

20170108 (4) (Large)

20170108 (1) (Large)


  1. we should find each other on facebook.
    and i love the pictures. it's fun to see somewhere else.

    1. You did find me! (I tried once, but there are more people with your name). I have to admit though, my facebook is mainly blogupdates (for my dutch blog) and instagram pictures.
      I love seeing somewhere else too ;-)

    2. i'll have one more place now that's a window to somewhere else. :)