Friday, January 3, 2014

One word

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Every blog I go I see lists of goals and plans for 2014. And every time I ask myself if I’m going to write a post like that. No, I’m not.
In 2013 life threw me so many curve balls and things went so different than I hoped or expected, that I want to start 2014 with an open mind. A real blank slate.
O fcourse my mind is overflowing with goals like taking better care of myself, loose weight, stay on top of the cleaning and declutering, blog more, knit more, sew more, live greener and thriftier, and so on. But I’ll keep that list to myself. Sort of ;-)

Do you know of the “one word” resolutions? I choose words every year, but usually I forget about it after a few months. We’ll see how that goes this year. I don’t even really have a word yet. I know what I want, but I can’t find the right word (and this is not a language issue, I can’t in Dutch either).
Calmth, peace, rest, content, let go… I think I mean that I just want to stop getting myself worked up over things, both important and very unsignificant. A reader on my Dutch blog chose “acceptance” as her word. I think that comes close to what I mean too…
How about you? Do you have a list or just a word (or a bunch of synonyms)?

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  1. i'm trying to help you think of your word . . . there must be one for the feeling you are describing . . . "tranquil" maybe?

    i felt like i should have some new year's thoughts, too . . . i have a huge to-do list that i am prioritizing for this first month of the new year. things that have to be done and taken care of. and it's hard - because i put myself into a too-much-sugar-and-accidental-gluten-ingestion fog. oh man. i need to eat well and heal myself again. so - i guess that's number one!

    and staying in touch with my dear people better - including by blogging - that i want to do this year. (like you.)

    i think i just want to do everything i can to help this year be better than last year was. you know. i think you do, too. just so long as you keep blogging a bit, so i can read you. :)

    i hope your new year is so full of peace and joy and goodness!
    love and hugs to you,

    1. tranquil may be right, though it reminds me of tranquilizers and I sure hope I won't need those ;-)
      A better year than last year... yes, please! For the both of us.
      I will try to keep blogging ;-)
      Wishing you all the best for the new year too.

  2. I think anti-procrastination should be my word for 2014. That way I should end up achieving my goals and have a tidier/cleaner/de-cluttered house.
    So I should probably stop reading blogs and clean my kitchen...!

    1. That's a good one too. Kind of covers everything else ;-)