Breakfast for five

Oh my, that was some week!

On Monday and Tuesday we moved our office back home (and tried to fit everything in), on Wednesday I did the groceryshopping for the weekend (including a birthday) and some cleaning, on Thursday I cooked soups and prepared some other stuff for the big birthday, on Friday and Saturday I helped my parents move into their new apartment and on Sunday we celebrated our youngest girl’s 21st birthday.

Phew! We survived the busiest part of the month…

Last night we had all girls home. D, who has her own flat, stayed over because E, who studies in Durham, came home for the holidays.

This morning I cooked breakfast for five. And enjoyed it very much.

20131216 (Large)

This week will be busy too, but different. Mostly cleaning.
My body, since I did a lot of emotional eating and if I want to celebrate Christmas without head aches and vague sickness, I need to be more aware of what I eat from now on.
And my home, since all I did for weeks was a bit of quick cleaning to make it look good. Some deep cleaning is in order now. And I’m starting with the living room, so I can finally put the tree up after I’m done.

So, I'm off to clean now ;-)