Monday, November 4, 2013

In the garden

I was a bit worried about how the garden would look after a month of neglect.
Well, it was pretty much as bad as I expected. Lots of weeds. But there were als a few nice surprises…
This lettuce does look pretty edible.

20131104 (1) (Large)

The leeks look great. We will enjoy a lot of meals with these.

20131104 (2) (Large)

I missed the coloring of the cherry tree, but luckily the strawberries did a bit of fall redness too.

20131104 (3) (Large)

The salad burnet is doing great.

20131104 (4) (Large)

20131104 (5) (Large)

The endives not so much…

20131104 (6) (Large)

And here (in the herb bed) is another surprise lettuce growing.

20131104 (7) (Large)

I don’t think the marigold will be able to have some flowers before it gets too cold, but we’ll just wait and see.

20131104 (8) (Large)

And I do have more than enough soup herbs (don’t known the name in english, it’s celery, but without the thick stems or the bulb). I think I need to freeze some, so I will actually use it.

20131104 (9) (Large)


  1. That last plant looks like smallage, or parcel (a parsley/celery cross).

    Glad you got a few nice surprises in the garden!