Thursday, October 3, 2013

Home away from home

20131004 (3) (Large)

Love that porch. It has a lot of wind, which makes it rather cool. Apart from a few hours in the morning when the light is to hard to see our screens, we work from here.

20131004 (1) (Large)

The bedroom. If I had to live here longer than a month I’d put a curtain in front of that closet. I doubt if I can keep those piles so neat. But I am trying…

20131004 (4) (Large)

My way to feel at home wherever I am. Pictures of my girls, a stack of books (I wanted to bring more, but my suitcase became to heavy), and some knitting (E., a little bit of you is right here with me, see?).


  1. Your home away from home looks gorgeous, where is it?

    1. CuraƧao! I explained in Thursday's post ;)

  2. i love seeing that little pouch peeking out!
    and your porch looks like a lovely place to work!

    1. It was one of the things on my list of "things to bring to feel at home".
      And yes, we love working on that porch. We rented a 2-bedroom apartment to have a (airconditioned) space to work, but we never use that second room. The porch is where we are most of the day.