Monday, October 28, 2013

Blue Bay

20131028 (1) (Large)

20131028 (2) (Large)

20131028 (3) (Large)

20131028 (4) (Large)

20131028 (5) (Large)


those lizard are (mostly) vegetarian. no reason to be scared…


  1. i'd trade where you are for where i am today. :)
    we have such grey, heavy sky.
    i'm so happy that you are in the sunshine! soak it up, my friend!
    (i'm going to show isaac and maddie the lizard this evening! he's pretty cool!)

    1. When you wrote this, I was on my way home, where it's grey and rainy too. But we will be back soon. It's hard to believe that one day the island will be what we call home, but that is the plan ;-)