Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Three Things on Tuesday ~ update

I had high hopes to finish my three things early this month, but last week wasn’t very productive. I had some editing to do on my newest novel and that took way more time than I expected. I kept finding things that needed to be changed. But even the second time I read through it, I almost cried when my main characters broke up, so I guess the story is okay.

When I was finally finished I decided I really needed to paint that office (I had been looking at those ugly walls for hours, afterall). But than I realized why I didn’t do that earlier. Painting those two walls (the other walls are paneled) isn’t that much work, but moving everything away from those walls is.

I don’t have pictures of the actual painting and I’m glad nobody filmed it either, since that would be rather embarrassing. I started painting in the evening, after closing hours of any diy stores. I didn’t think that would be a problem, since I thought I had two rollers and four handles. I did, but nothing matched. So I rolled, forgot that I had to hold it in the right angle, dropped the roller, messed up the floor, picked it up, rolled, dropped… you get the picture.

Luckily it was just latex, so cleaning up was easy. I got everything off the ground and I think it’s out off my hair too (I am going gray, but I had a little insight in what I will look like in ten years).

To refresh your memory (and mine), these are the three things I want to get done this month:

20130903 (1) (Large)
1. paint office walls

20130903 (3) (Large)
2. clean out hallway clutter

20130903 (2) (Large)
3. clean out carport

Luckily I still have two weeks left…


  1. Hello G ~ good job on the moving everything so you could paint! it looks so good!
    i'm moving everything right now, too. :) for our sale tomorrow and friday.
    i bet you get your other two things done yet!
    Hugs from far away ~ E

    1. It was hard, it's such a tiny room, but I'm glad I did it. My other two things... well, that carport may proof difficult. It had been raining here all week and it might rain straight into winter (that's normal here). I will have to force myself to work outside in the rain...
      I hope your sale goes well, giving you lots of financial room to start out on that new path in your lives.