Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Three things on Tuesday ~ I have a plan

(is it just me, or is everybody automatically thinking “a cunning plan”?)

In the Dutch blogging world there’s a hype (well, it was a hype was a year ago and it’s still going strong for some) called: a cupboard a day. People were cleaning out, decluttering and straightening one cupboard, drawer or shelf each day and blogging about it.
I’ve always wanted to join in, but doing it each and every day? Too much for me. So I finally came up with a different plan.
I'm doing Three Things on Tuesday. And no, I don’t mean I want to do three things on one day, I’m just blogging about it on Tuesday. I’m planning to choose three things I want to do in a month. Things around the house to start with, but maybe later it can be different things, recipes I like to try, crafty things in progress I want to finish, whatever suits the month I’m having.
On the first Tuesday of the month (today!), I want to list my three things, on the last Tuesday I want to post befores and afters and evaluate. The other Tuesdays can be updates, sneak previews, complaints or anything remotely related.
I think I can manage three things in a month.

The hard thing was to actually choose three things. There’s so much I need to do and I really want to finish it all this month. But that wouldn’t be realistic. So here are my three things for September.

20130903 (1) (Large)

1 Painting the walls (two of them, the other have paneling) in our office. It’s hard to see in the picture, but I painted a blue sky and some clouds there for one of the girls years ago. She loved it, but eventually hung posters over it with tape and spilled make up. It doesn’t look too good. Since husband is on a business trip these week, this has to be the thing I start with. I’d also like to rearrange things a bit. I need to get a better chair (on mine I can’t sit for more than half an hour), but than one of the tables has to go. That table could go upstairs, so I can have a sewing nook again. Uh… see what my problem is? Let’s stick with that wall for now.

20130903 (3) (Large)

2. Well, obviously I need to clean out, declutter and organize this spot in our house. It’s the little hallway that leads to the back of the house. It’s supposed to hold tools (because the shed is so far back in the garden), things like paint that go bad when they freeze (so they can’t be stored in the shed), and cleaning supplies. I’d like to organize things so we can find them again and so we can take things off the shelves without being bombarded with other stuff falling off. I also need to paint here, add some shelves and maybe hang a curtain (or doors), but well, those are things for another month.

20130903 (2) (Large)

3. Cleaning up the carport. I first put down: clean up outside, meaning the carport, the back garden, the front garden, finishing the last of the big paint job we started two years ago and… okay, the carport it is.

So, there you have it. Three things I will try to finish this month and bore you with every Tuesday.

Wanna join me? Tell me in the comments!

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