Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Three Things on Thursday ~ lots of junk

After all those years of blogging I still forget to take pictures of thing I was planning to post about. That’s why I don’t have any photos of sorting through the mess in the little hallway. I just got working and forgot all about blogging.

I did remember to take pictures of assembling my new office chair.

But then I forgot again when I was cleaning up the carport. I remembered when I was already on my way to the junk yard, so I did take a close up of my little car filled to the brim with rotting wood, but I didn’t have the nerve to get out and take pictures of it in public.

That was only the first round. I think I will need to go at least one more time. And that day I did go twice too.

Yep, that’s our spare mini container. since our other one is chipped now (we pay per load) this one is obsolete. And I never really needed two anyway. We first thought it would come in handy for other things, but I never use it and I don’t like the look of those containers anyway (we have one gray and two green), so having a spare one doesn’t make sense.
I did take a picture to show you how not to shove one in the back of your car. Closing the door was quite a challenge.

My list of Three Things to do this month:

20130903 (1) (Large)
1. paint office walls

20130903 (3) (Large)
2. clean out hallway clutter

20130903 (2) (Large)
3.clean out carport (I’m halfway done)

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