In my garden

No last week/this week pictures this time, since the differences aren’t really visible anyway. Things aren’t growing so fast anymore (well, except those weeds).

I’m not sure the cauliflower and the broccoli will do anything but go yellow and feed the caterpillars. I did a little search on the internet and found out that cauliflower is very hard to grow. Oh, now they tell me… ;-) Oh well, it was nice to try and it did give us lots of green to enjoy this summer.

I thought about taking all of it out, but one of the girls suggested that then the caterpillars would start eating the kale (which they haven’t done much till now). I thought she was right about that, so I let them stay.

But I think the caterpillars also decided to give up on the cauliflower…

20130902 (4) (Large) 

Oh well, I guess I won’t have a wintergarden after all.

The carrot (the big ones that are supposed to grow till winter) did something unexpected too.

20130902 (1) (Large) 

Nice flower, but not what I hoped for. I guess I will be harvesting soon.

But it will be very tiny carrots. That leave on the right is rucola, so you see how tiny this carrot actually is.

The rucola, endives and lettuce I planted a few weeks ago is doing great, but the lollo rosso disappeared mysteriously. I guess my animal guests like that very much too…


Luckily my corn is still going steady and I do have high hopes for the beans, though it’s still just flowers.

20130902 (3) (Large)

20130902 (2) (Large) 

Sometimes it’s good to remember that only a few years ago I would have been so very happy with just this little harvest (pictured below). Our trusty old plum tree did produce, like it does each year. A very small harvest but oh so tasty!