Monday, September 30, 2013

In my garden

Just one more time. How is it possible that I didn’t take one single overview photo in September? Time flies… Here’s how the garden looks now.


And this is how it looked through the past few months:

tuin2013 (Large)

The herbs are still going strong (though I don’t have a clue which are perennial and which not)

The leek can grow just a little bigger

And the strawberries still think it’s summer

We’re going to eat the lettuce and rucola tonight and that wraps it up. The garden is empty and clean. Well, it doesn’t look clean, I know. But when we were cleaning out the beds, we realized that all those rests contained really good stuff. I considered a compost heap, but Theo thought we could just spread it out and let it rot till spring. It does sound a bit like permaculture, but we don’t know if it will work. We’ll see in spring.
I would have loved to have a weedless garden to show you for this last (for now) update, but it didn’t work out. Let’s just keep it realistic. We’re having some nice fall weather and the weeds would have grown back instantly anyway.

A few notes to wrap things up:
:: radish: loved them, but I now know not to move them and I should sow in lesser quantities to enjoy them all summer

:: leek: slow grower, but it just grows. Like that.

:: cauliflower: hard to grow, great attraction for caterpillars. Maybe I’ll skip it next year.

:: broccoli: see cauliflower

:: kale: I give up. We eat it after first frost, but I never get that far. Always gets eaten by caterpillars and snails

:: carrots: sow thinner, but definately growing them again next year

:: beans: my favorite this year, a big yes for next year

:: sweetcorn: a must-have for my husband and I love it too. I do have to find a spot for them. Maybe I’ll try the three sister method next year. Corn, beans and zucchini are supposed to be great together.

:: none of my seeds came up, but the seedlings I bought did great. Sow in containers myself or keep buying seedlings.

:: endives: always doing great, but I need to stop sowing so much (still don’t like eating it)

:: tomatoes: going back to just a few plants in containers next year. This year I was ambitious and it was a disaster, but before I always had a nice little harvest.

Plans for next year: depending a bit on circumstances. I do know I want more flowers, shrubs (berries) and (edible) perennials, aside from the vegetables. I like the concept of permaculture and edible gardens, but I need to find a way to make it work in our garden and lives.

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