Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I’m a mad hatter

Yep, hats again. If you’ve been reading my former blogs (still haven’t had time to restore my archives) and this blog for a longer time, you probably already know my most favorite thing to knit is hats. I don’t know why, but it’s what just happens to jump on my needles whenever I’m starting something new.

My extended family is already stacked with hats for years and years of future winters (not that ours are that cold anyway) so I’m very glad that Knit-a-Square loves to receive hats. I need no further encouragement.

Hats it is.

The pink one is my own pattern. Well, that is an overstatement, it’s just my standard way of knitting hats, with a small adjustment, since I started knitting with a single thread and found out it was too thin. So I knit a longer brim and added a second thread after that. When I was finished, I folded the brim over and loosely sewed it down. I like the result, the brim is soft and sort of fluffy, while the rest of the hat feels warm and sturdy.

In pattern language:

You need:
1 short circular needle 3,5 mm
4 (or 5) double pointed needles 3,5 mm
yarn that is too thin for those needles, 100 gram is plenty for a hat, but I don’t really know how much I had, it was scrap yarn. You do have to make sure you have two skeins or balls, one slightly bigger than the other.

CO 76 stitches. Join in the round.
K2, P2 till end. Repeat for 10 cm.
Add the second thread and knit another 15 cm in stockinette stitch (k all rounds)
Start decreasing
1st round: k5, K2tog, repeat till last 6 st, K6
2nd round: k all stitches
3rd round: k4, k2tog, repeat till end
4th round: k all stitches
5 th round: k3, k2tog, repeat till end
6th round: k all stitches
7th round: k2, k2tog, repeat till end
8th round: k1, k2tog, repeat till end
9th round: k2tog, repeat till end
Pull the thread through remaining stitches and weave in ends. Fold brim over and loosely sew down.

(For a normal hat: use yarn suitable for needles, knit 5 cm brim and knit on with single thread)

printable version (pdf) here

The other hat is from this pattern. Or actually it’s based on that pattern, since I’ve knit it so often that I don’t really check the pattern anymore and I seem to do one or two things differently.

And my next project? Well, what do you think this will be?

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