Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Colors and good things

I do visit the thriftstore a lot, but usually I leave empty handed. Last week I didn't.

20130918 (1) (Large)

I love tins. It’s in my genes, I think. My mother has a large collection and I really have to retain myself from buying every treasure I spy in the pile of old metal in our thrift store. But these had to come home with me. I love the colors. And I think my grandmother had one, since they make me feel so peaceful when I look at them. I have no idea what to do with them, but maybe I’ll just leave them there, on the cupboard. They do add a little color to my living room.

And maybe I’ll leave this book next to them (or under them?). It does have the same colors (I only noticed that after posting these pictures).

20130918 (2) (Large)

I picked it up because of the title. So positive. And I love that it’s about the medicinal and edible plants you can find in the wild (in the UK, but most of these can be found here too).

Just a few things that came home with me last week. How about you? Any good finds?