Right now

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Right now I am…

:: feeling a bit lonely. I’m not alone in the house, but my husband is away on a business trip and I miss him. He’s not even in the same time zone anymore (I’m 5 hours ahead of him).

:: smiling because I think it’s wonderful that after almost 24 years of marriage I’d still rather have him around all day, messing up my schedules and my home, than having to be without him for a week (and after that another week and another – oh my, this is going to be a very different month!)

:: enjoying a little breeze coming through the open windows. Oh, this summer! It’s wonderful!

:: hearing birds discussing who gets to sit on the highest branch of the cherry tree

:: thinking about the things I want to do today

:: and reminding myself of the things I have to do first

:: wishing you all a great week!


  1. oh G!
    we are in the same boat . . .
    ben has been gone since the 23 of july, and he won't be home till the 15 or 16 of this month . . . i know what you mean about wanting your hubby around . . . i miss mine, too. mine is also in a different time zone, though i'm only 2 hours ahead of him, not 5.
    but he is doing a needed job, and he is doing it well . . . it's good. :)
    hugs to you! ~E


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