In my garden

Last week:

20130722 (3) (Large) 

This week:

20130729 (1) (Large)

20130729 (4) (Large)

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Regular readers may think we ate a lot of endives this week, since they’re all gone. I wish. They started seeding, so I had to take them all out. I only managed to save one meal. Oh well.

20130729 (2) (Large) 

Yes, It looks beautiful, but I didn’t mean that to happen. They went from too small to this. But since the nice summer weather we’re having is the main reason for it, I’m happy to let it go.

Some of the tomatoes are doing still fine, others are not. It’s blossom end rot. I’ve been taking out the rotten ones, watering more thoroughly and adding (biological) fertilizer. I’m hoping for the best.

20130729 (3) (Large)

The strawberries decided this summer was worth a second round. I don’t really take care of these plants (besides watering), but they came back on their own this spring and are producing quite nicely (tiny, but tasteful strawberries). That’s my kind of plants ;-)

20130729 (7) (Large)

Joining Soulemama’s and Heather’s garden notes today


  1. Your garden has grown a lot since last week and looks great

    1. It did! I love how these posts make that visible.

  2. hello,
    your garden looks have many differents plants on your small place, i love it. thanks for the inspirationen.
    have a nice day,


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