In my garden

Last time (August, 15):

20130815a (8) (Large)

This week:

What can I say about it? Nothing original, I guess. Things are growing. Including the weeds.

That means my soil is healthy, doesn’it? Let’s stick to that story. Luckily today’s forecast is good, so it will be a good excuse to get out of the house and do some gardening in the sun.

The kale is looking great.

And I’m getting close to harvesting the corn.

The plums in the front garden are really big this year.

I have been sowing some things and they’re growing like crazy. The radish looks ready to be planted.

I’m also looking forward to the calendula (on the left). Those are my favorite flowers, but I never seem to be able to remember to sow them when it’s spring. I hope I will next year, but these should be able to bloom before winter too. We'll see.


  1. Beautiful! And yes, I agree weeds love healthy soil :)

    I love calendula too. I am currently harvesting and drying it to make healing salves.

    Enjoy the goodness from your garden.


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