Thursday, August 8, 2013

In my garden

Last week:

20130729 (1) (Large)

This week:

20130808a (1) (Large)

20130808a (2) (Large)

20130808a (3) (Large)

20130808a (4) (Large)

20130808a (5) (Large)

Things are growing so fast! I’m looking forward to harvesting some of it (I hope I will be able too)

The tomatoes are not doing so well. We’ll see what happens next.

A reader at my Dutch blog recommended this BBC-series and the accompanying book to me. I started watching one part and ended up watching them all. I love her garden. Last winter I was thinking about combining vegetables and flowers in my garden, but I didn’t take enough time to investigate and plan. But I think I will this year. I do love the feel of a “real” vegetable garden, but mine will never be, so maybe shaking things up might be fun.

Meanwhile in the front yard…


20130808 (6) (Large)

20130808 (7) (Large)

And after:

20130801 (3) (Large)

20130808 (3) (Large)

20130808 (4) (Large)

Not finished yet, but still such a big improvement. We’re hoping the sedum will grow out and cover all the soil, preventing the weeds from coming back, making it a bit easier to maintain.

Joining Soulemama’s and Heather’s garden notes today 


  1. hello geertrude,
    your garden looks wonderful.i like alys fowler,too.
    she have really a beautiful garden.this year i have no luck with my cabbage and zucchini plants. but the tomatoes doing well.
    nice blog!!!!
    have a nice day,

    1. Glad your tomatoes are doing well. I'll have to see what mine will end up to.

  2. Oh my goodness, such wonderful gardens. I love that you have integrated them so nicely into your living space, as well. I'm getting some wonderful ideas, visiting gardens today. ;)

    1. Thank you! The design grew on us, from placing a fire pit in the middle expanding to the raised beds surrounding it. We love it!

  3. you are amazing!
    sometimes i think that having a small space is better - there's only so much that can get out of hand before you take control again - you have things so lovely!
    i would love to sit in those chairs with you and sip a cuppa something and chat!

    1. Oh, that would be great...though I'd change the chairs - they're not that comfy ;-)
      And yes, a small space is better, in some ways. Ours is big for Dutch standards, though. And you haven't seen the other parts. Oh my... It needs a lot of work. But we're getting there. I hope ;-)

  4. I found you through SouleMama, and I had to stop by and tell you that your garden is beautiful! I'm new to gardening this summer, but hope to have one like yours someday!

    1. Thank you! I still have lots to learn though.