Thursday, July 18, 2013

In my garden

Last week:

20130708 (19) (Large)

This week:

20130715 (Large)

20130715 (1) (Large)

20130718 (1) (Large)

20130718 (4) (Large)

20130718 (5) (Large)

20130718 (9) (Large)

20130718a (1) (Large)

20130718a (2) (Large)

20130718a (3) (Large)


Some thoughts:

Things keep growing fast. The corn is doing great.

I love that we still use the backyard for barbeques and enterntaining. It’s different to see vegetables instead of flowers and I guess not everybody understands why we do this, but I love it.

I have been harvesting. Finally. We ate lettuce, radishes and spinach from the garden.

It still feels great to be able to take pictures of myself harvesting (I have always loved those on other blogs).

We don’t have many bugs, but snails, yes. We do have those. But it’s manageable (they stay away from the broccoli and the kale since we started putting coffee residue around the plants).

Also, I try to keep in mind what I read somewhere: if we want to grow vegetables the biological and natural way, we need to be prepared to share with nature.

To remember for next year: something went wrong when I moved and replanted the radish. I grew very strong plants, but got no bulbs. I think I planted them too deep.


  1. Looks wonderful! So agree with you on the bugs, they are part of nature and come with growing your own food. Sharing is important :)

  2. Your garden looks wonderful! I love having my sitting out and barbecue area right in the middle of the veg beds. xx

    1. Thank you. Yes, it's great! I wish I had thought of doing this years ago. Even in the tiny garden with our first little house it would have been possible to grow vegetables. Oh well, never late then never...