In my garden

Last week:

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This week:

20130722 (3) (Large)

20130722 (2) (Large)

20130722 (4) (Large)

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20130722 (6) (Large)

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20130722 (8) (Large)

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Some notes:

I harvested the last of the radishes and the spinach and filled the empty spaces by planting out leeks.

The lettuce is almost gone. The four seedings I planted did well, but only one of the seeds came up.

We’ll be eating a lot of endives the coming weeks.

Tomatoes! Lots of them! Looking forward to making soup and sauce.

The beans are growing so fast, you can almost see them grow. The plants that is. No beans in sight. I hope I wasn’t to late sowing them.

The kale and broccoli is being eaten again. I hope the coffee residue will help. Sharing with nature is okay, but I’d like nature to share too and leave some for me (the last two years all my kale got eaten).


  1. HI! Stopping in via Heather's blog. I love your garden set up too!!! Taking these weekly garden tours has made me totally inspired by all the different garden aesthetics. Who knew there could be so many different looking gardens and ways to grow things? and it seems like it's a great year for grassroots gardens on our little planet. Thanks for the visit!! bon appetit!

    1. Thank you! You're right, it's fun and inspiring to visit all those different gardens. I'm spending way to much time at the computer lately doing that ;-)

  2. everything looks really wonderful!
    well, except for those tomatoes - how disappointing. :( i'm not an expert but i wonder if it is blossom end rot? here's a google link if you'd like to look around for some info that might help -

    1. Ha, I think your comment and my second edit crossed each other. Thank you for finding the answer. Yes, I think its blossom end rot. It makes sense. They're in a relatively small bed, so they may be short on nutrients. And it's been unusually hot and dry here. I do water them at the end of every day, but that's clearly not enough. I started giving them (biological) fertilizer, hoping that will save some of the smaller tomatoes.

  3. your little garden is so pretty!
    and amazing all the things you grow there. :)

    we are having lovely weather - but i am not growing a garden this year. i tried straw-bale gardening, but it did not take off. so, no fresh veggies in my yard . . .

    that's ok. we have enough other things to keep up with right now!
    hugs to you!

    1. Thanks. It's so much fun to try new vegetables this year. Next year... who knows?


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