Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thrifting treasures

Last week I went thrifting.
I missed that.
A lot.
I used to love thrifting. I admit, it went from buying what I really needed to buying for fun. I did bring in too much stuff and  it was a good call to purge and take a lot of it back.
But lately I often found myself popping in after dropping stuff off and telling myself that it was all clutter and junk and that I'd better get home and do something useful. I was sort of right, but I may have been too harsh on myself. There was something missing in my life. I think it was fun.

Luckily my husband thought so too. He told me that this was clearly something I enjoyed doing, like a hobby, and that I usually really didn't spend that much, all things considered. So he sent me out on a mission, to find some clocks for our home office. He has business partners in various parts of the world and it would be nice to be able to see in a glance how late it is there.
We needed at least one, but actually three or four would be better. So, after finding just the one above, I really have to go out and visit the thrift stores again very soon.

And yes, some other things came home with me too:

:: two Agatha Christie novels that I didn't have yet. I have a lot of them (this is a double row) in this edition, but lately they are hard to find. These are actually two different editions, by the way, but they both have the same colorful backs that I like so much.

:: a little mirror to match my grandmothers little cupboard. Since I gave up my sewing space (because of the decluttering and simplifying, and yes, I am regretting it, but we'll see how that story ends) I took out my sewing notions and filled it with jewelry, hair stuff, make-up, my contact lenses etc. I had a simple frameless mirror standing on top of it, but I like this one so much more.

:: and... yarn. I wasn't going to build a stash anymore, after finishing every last bit of it last month, but my husband (he's so wise!) kindly reminded me that I loved making do with (other people's) scraps. Also it keeps knitting for charity affordable.
So this had to come home with me. The perfect colors for Knit-a-Square. Bright, happy colors for children that have to live in such harsh conditions.
I did constain myself. These were three bags of yarn, I left behind the other three bags. Those were not so bright colors, but oh, the things I could make with it... But I tried to be sensible. I have a cardigan to finish and then I will have fun figuring out what to make with this 'little' stash.

This is what I missed. Not the buying itself, but everything that comes with that. Having fun collecting clocks for a "world-time-wall" in the office, smiling at that funny mirror above my beloved little cupboard, making room for just two more books in a slowly growing collection and of course cooking up plans for yarn that I don't need (still working on that cardigan in the yarn that I got as my birthday gift), but really like.

Yes, it could be considered clutter and unnecessary buying. And I don't want my house to be full of clutter. But I find I can't live without it either.
I guess it's a matter of finding balance. It always is.


  1. yay for thrifting!
    sometimes i think you and i are of the same mold. i have not been thrifting or rummage saling in a long time, either. maybe i should go soon . . .

    i think some of us need some clutter.
    and we shouldn't feel bad about it.
    just, like you said, find some balance.

    i cleaned out the garage yesterday. and took a load to the recycling center and to the dump. that felt good.

    i think the loft is up next. ben's and my room and the sewing area. oh my . . .
    i want to have only things that we use or find beautiful (that's where the bit of clutter comes in . . . )

  2. yes, you should go and find some treasures ;-) The sewing area... oh my, indeed. I have done so much purging when I gave it up. And there's still too much in the closet I put it in. But I kept only the things I truly thought I would love and use, so I guess when I finally find the time to start sewing again, this will be the right way of handling it...

  3. maybe i should save the thrifting for an incentive to getting a few things organized around here. :)

    now, i'm signing off to go do some cleaning!

    hugs to you!