Monday, June 17, 2013

In my garden

This week..

:: we're so glad we're done moving 100 bags of dirt

:: we filled two more raised beds (only one more to build)

:: I'm hoping this year I planted enough tomatoes to have some to put by (would love to make soup and sauce for winter, but they always get eaten before I get to it)

:: and watching my lettuce closely. The four plants I bought do well, but the seeds are not coming up - the seedlings in the background are endives - so I sowed some more

:: I love spying tiny, tiny leeks starting to grow

:: and I'm loving these columbine flowers in the front garden


  1. hello G!

    i just caught up on your garden posts - you have done a lot of lovely work! i hope you are rewarded with lots of good veggies and beautiful flowers to enjoy into the fall!

    1. I hope so too ;-) We're still in the middle of finishing all that work, but it is worth it.