Right now

Right now I am...

:: trying so very hard to accept these days (weeks?) of rain
:: thinking how much fun it would be to open doors and windows and to just walk outside and hang laundry and... oh well
:: drying up - again - from a quick trip outside to the mailbox
:: hoping we do get that nice, hot summer I keep telling myself and my family we will get (that would be only fair, wouldn't it?
:: telling my self to stop going on and on about this rain ;-)
:: almost ready redesigning my Dutch blog and website and anxious to start spicing up this new place of mine
:: challenging myself to get out into the garden at least fifteen minutes each day and just pull weeds (stay tuned for that, I even took some very shame inducing before photos)


  1. you aren't the only one being rained on!
    for every nice day we've had, we've had lots more rainy and cold days. this morning was windy and 44 degrees F. isaac and i bundled up for our paper route - layers and hats. then i made a fire in the stove when we got home. i'm ready for nice, hot summer, too!

    here's wishing for sunshine for both of us!

    1. Oh, this crazy weather! You're having about the same temperatures as we have, I think. For tonight forecasts say we'll get hailstorms and maybe even some frost.


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