Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In my (vegetable) garden

I seriously considered skipping the vegetable garden all together this year. I have been ill, busy and exhausted and my garden looked like this:

 Yeah, I know. It's embarrassing. But I got my act together. I decided to go work outside in the garden despite the cold and the rain for fifteen minutes a day. Not much, but at least I would be trying to get something done.
Well, that worked. I started Wednesday, doubled my time (since it felt good and it wasn't raining) and after half an hour I already emptied the two front beds.

On Tuesday I did the back bed and on Friday I started working on pulling weeds by the shed (but I was a bad blogger and forgot to take pictures).

On Saturday Theo got into the game. Together we finished the raised beds (pulling the smaller weeds and adding soil) and weeded out a big chunk of the rest of the garden. We decided to dig up the part at the stairs (bottom right in the pictures)  and fill it with fresh gravel. And now  our garden looks like this:

How's that for a good before-and-after? Well, actually it's not really an after yet. We've still got lots to do in the garden. But at least it was ready for sowing and planting.
I sowed spinach, endives, broccoli, cauliflower, sweetcorn, radish, lettuce, carrots and kale. Since I can't start seedlings inside the house, I have to wait until I can sow outside, so there is nothing to see yet. But I got myself a kickstart and bought four little lettuce seedlings.

I usually buy tomato plants and got some big ones this year (hoping those tomatoes will grow and get red sooner than last year). Since the raised bed I want to put them in is not finished yet, I planted them in a container.

The chives came back all by themselves, like they do each year (even though they are in a container)

But I never expected the strawberries to start growing again too. They're even blooming already!

Now if only I can find the ripe berries before the birds do...


  1. Wow! What a transformation! Your small windows of work have brought such beauty to your garden :-) And inspired me to do the same.

    1. Thanks! Yes, those small windows work out great!

  2. Wow - great work! I'm sure you were sore for days. You have a beautiful set up

    1. Well, it was only fifteen minutes/ half an hour a day, so that soreness was minimal. And thank you. We love it too.

  3. Nice work! Visiting via Soulemama.

  4. Replies
    1. Isn't it? I love those on other blogs, so I'm happy to finally show something like this myself!