A full basket

I sometimes feel like I'm hardly ever knitting anymore. It's always the spare moments, in the morning, late at night. Not hours and hours like I used to. My hands still don't allow that and I'm trying not to multitask when I relax.
Still, I did, finally, finish my very last scraps last week. A few minutes before my birthday started that is. And then my wonderful husband said that he was taking me to the yarn shop (a real one, also a first for me - I usually buy my yarn at thrift shops or in cheap textile shops) to buy some yarn for my birthday. Isn't he great? The only condition was that I choose yarn to make myself something. So I went for this wonderful yarn, to knit myself a cardigan. You can see what I choose here (fourth picture), it's a combination of wool, silk and viscose in a nice neutral color (so I can wear it with lots of things).

One of the reasons he wanted me to make something for me, was that I have been knitting for Knit-a-Square for months and months now. When I decided that I wouldn't allow myself to buy any new yarn until I finished everything I had, I knew most of it would be hats and squares. Cause that's what scraps can be used best for (and because I like knitting hats). I just threw everything I finished into a basket in my bedroom, so I didn't have the faintest idea how much I really knit. Until I took stock last Friday.

Oh. Well. Seems like I have been knitting after all.  There were fourteen hats (four of which you've already seen), fourteen squares and a cuddle. In all kinds of strange color combinations, since that's what you get when you buy scraps from the thriftshop.

My next project for KAS will be in bright colors. I already saw some affordable great colored yarn in the yarn shop. But that will have to wait. Since I'm trying to slow down, I want to work on one project at a time, instead of buying lots and lots of yarn for all the projects wandering around in my mind.
Guess I'll have to visit that yarn shop next time with only a limited amount of cash and leave my cards home. Cause I've never seen so much beautiful yarn in my life...