Good moments

Some of the better moments of those past weeks were spent on the island of Curacao. We were there partly for work (I wrote about half a book while Theo visited clients), but also for fun. And there is lots of fun to be found on that island, I tell you).

More photos here

Curious how Curacao is on the other side of the world but still sort of in our own country? I found this wonderful and funny video explaining it all (and also the difference between Hollanders and Dutch - I'm both)


  1. your pictures! just lovely!
    i love all the colors on the buildings!
    and the second picture - oh, wonderful!
    half a book - wow!

    1. Most of their building have colors like that. So cheerful. Wish we had more of that here (I think it's not even allowed).
      And yes, half a book. I was amazed myself. Not being able to distract myself with other things really helps to keep working. The second half is going so much slower...

  2. and i just watched the video - i'm smiling, i laughed out loud, and i'll have to watch it again. :)

    1. It is funny. I knew you (and maybe Maddie and Isaac too) would enjoy it. ;-)


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