Friday, April 5, 2013

Good moments

Some of the better moments of those past weeks were spent on the island of Curacao. We were there partly for work (I wrote about half a book while Theo visited clients), but also for fun. And there is lots of fun to be found on that island, I tell you).

More photos here

Curious how Curacao is on the other side of the world but still sort of in our own country? I found this wonderful and funny video explaining it all (and also the difference between Hollanders and Dutch - I'm both)


  1. your pictures! just lovely!
    i love all the colors on the buildings!
    and the second picture - oh, wonderful!
    half a book - wow!

    1. Most of their building have colors like that. So cheerful. Wish we had more of that here (I think it's not even allowed).
      And yes, half a book. I was amazed myself. Not being able to distract myself with other things really helps to keep working. The second half is going so much slower...

  2. and i just watched the video - i'm smiling, i laughed out loud, and i'll have to watch it again. :)

    1. It is funny. I knew you (and maybe Maddie and Isaac too) would enjoy it. ;-)