Catching up

It seems I always have a lot to blog about when I don't have time to blog. Also this is one of those posts that makes me wonder if this bilingual thing is really working. But I don't have the time to split things up again, so I'll just make it work (for now).

Maybe it's better not to translate the whole thing, but to just share with you that writing has been slow these days. And that's not a good thing, since I sort of promised to deliver a book... uh... about now. My sixth book is nearly ready for printing, but that next book... it's a struggle. And that makes me insecure. I keep doubting myself. Who am I to call myself a writer?

When people ask me where I get my inspiration or how I come up with these things I have a hard time answering them. Because honestly... I don't know.
A lot of writers can explain in detail how they build their stories. But I can't. I just "find" a character and watch her while she's living her story. Some say that's not how professional authors do it, but it's what works for me. Unless my own life is a bit too big to handle, like it has been for a while now.
But... my newest character is done waiting for me. She pops up in my head constantly and forces me to listen to her. I like that. It seems this story is starting to grow. At least I hope it is.

The row of books-I-wrote is growing steadily though. A big print edition and a short novel came in the mail last month. And I found out there is another big print edition already for sale.
It still feels unreal to look at all those books, knowing that this year I may even add two or three to them. Oh my... I am a writer.


  1. Graag gedaan!
    En dank je voor je verwijzing.

    groeten van Anita

  2. hello G!
    i miss you!
    maybe tomorrow i will have time for an email . . .
    your row of books is amazing! i'm so happy for you, writing and publishing your stories!
    hugs to you from far, far away.


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