Monday, January 14, 2013

Try again

I had so many goals this year.

Besides homemaking, mothering, bookkeeping and writing (which is quite enough to fill my days) I was going to do more photographing, more blogging about more subjects and more projects with more text and more pictures,  more twitter, more facebook.


oh, that's right...

I was going to slow down (since last year was not the best health- and otherwise)

Uh. Okay. Let's try that again.

This year (starting today), I'm going to slow down.

(no, I'm not quitting blogging but it will be (a lot) less frequent and only when I feel like it)

That picture? A Sunday walk all by myself. In the frosty cold, in the sun. Bliss.


  1. :)
    take deep breaths.
    lots of them.
    that's what i'm doing this year.
    remembering to breathe deeply.
    and letting the rest of everything else follow that.

    hugs to you, dear!

  2. Hallo Geertrude,

    Ik heb gisteren een leesverslag gemaakt van Goede Hoop. Het is voor iedereen te lezen op mijn blog(s). Ik hoop dat je het kunt waarderen.
    Zo kun jij het rustig aan doen, terwijl er toch voor je geschreven wordt :-)

    Ik wens je een kalm en inspirerend jaar.

    groeten Anita