Friday, December 28, 2012


Oh, those homemade gifts... I always want to make something, but there have been a few years without. Sometimes I just don't have the time (or energy). Traditionally Sinterklaas (December 5th) is time for giftgiving in our family, but that was not an option this year.
So when inspiration struck, I decided to change the rules (that are just traditions anyway) this year and play Sinterklaas at Christmas (that would be Santa Clause I guess...)

For my brother and his wife, who weren't at our Sinterklaas celebration, I knit some wash (scrub) cloths out of some white, uneven spun cotton that I had in my stash. I put it in a nice box with some shower gel. I thought it looked quite nice (I think I'll make more of these)...

I was already knitting potholders with the same cotton (I had a lot). For me, actually. But I already made some potholders for my mother once and I remembered she liked them very much. So I thought they might make a nice gift. Much to my surprise what I planned worked, and smoothly too. One side is knitted, the other side is cotton (cheap tea towels that are too thin to dry well, but make an excellent source for small pieces of cotton). It's lined with molton.

And since I was getting so much inspiration from Soulemama I decided to try and make peppermintbark this year. Of course I had to adapt the recipe and make it lactose free (we wanted to taste some of it too). I used coconut milk instead of cream (if you let the can stand for a while, the thick part floats to the top, and that is comparable to cream), and I used dark chocolate instead of white (since I couldn't find lactose free white chocolate).
Oh my. That tastes so good. We all ate a lot of it. A lot. Luckily I made enough to fill three jars, that made a nice little gift with the potholders. And there's still some left. (Hmn, losing weight will have to wait a little while longer).


  1. Allemaal even mooi en lekker. Wil je me verklappen welk garen het was?
    Ik vind de pannenlappen een mooi cadeau voor een vriendin die binnenkort jarig is.

    1. Oei... Het is "slub katoen" van de Hema, maar ik heb het bij de kringloop gekocht, dus ik betwijfel of het nog verkrijgbaar is. Het etiket ziet er nogal vintage uit ;-)
      Ik kan je wel vertellen dat het katoen was met een verhouding van 23 steken tricot op 10 cm, geschikt voor naald 3-3 1/2, dat ik met een dubbele draad op naald 4 1/2 gebreid heb. Op de diagonaal had ik 55 steken en de lapjes waren uiteindelijk ongeveer 24 cm in het vierkant.
      Ik gebruikte dit patroon:, maar in plaats van een yarnover om steken bij te maken, heb ik "knit in front and back of stitch" (geen idee hoe dat in het Nederlands heet, ik gebruik altijd Engelse patronen) gedaan zodat ik die gaatjes langs de zijkant niet had.

    2. In principe kun je elk soort katoenen garen gebruiken. Als het maar echt 100% katoen is, want als er acryl in zit kan het gaan smelten.

  2. All your gifts look so looks like a wonderful Christmas!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. your gifts turned out beautifully!

    (i love the tea-towel bits. and dark chocolate - so very yummy!)

    1. Thank you! And yes, dark chocolate is so good ;-)