Friday, November 30, 2012

Another book

:: this is the cover of my new book (that will release late Spring 2013). I love it.
:: the title is "Tegenstelling", that means "opposites" (as in 'opposites attract')
:: it's a sequel to Incognito and Dilemma (a trilogy, isn't that great?)
:: this is the first book that I got contracted for before I wrote it
:: even worse: the flyers were sent out into the world last week and I was still writing it
:: I thought I had six months to write this book
:: but life got in the way. In a big way.
:: that's the reason I have been stressed out these last weeks (months)
:: but now it's finished
:: well, almost. I'm having second thoughts about the ending. A romance novel that doesn't end with a kiss. Is that even possible? (it does suit the main characters, that's a fact)


  1. Zeg, wat een tempo zet jij erin!
    Prachtige cover.
    En een zoen als einde...? Geen idee of dat kan, jij bent de schrijfster.

    1. Ik ben wel de schrijfster, maar ik vraag me toch altijd af wat de lezers ervan vinden. Toch past het zo goed bij mijn hoofdpersoon dat ik het maar zo laat...
      Ik ben vooral zo blij met de cover omdat dit meisje er echt zo uitziet als ik me Nina (de hoofdpersoon) had voorgesteld. Die lieve, ietwat onzekere uitstraling past er echt bij.

  2. i think you can end without a kiss - if that's what suits your characters. and if that's what suits you - you are the author, after all!

    1. Hee, that's exactly what the Dutch commenter above you said. But although I'm the writer, I have to think about my readers too. Still, I think this is the right ending.