Friday, July 20, 2012

this week

june 13

june 14

june 15

june 18

june 19

june 20

:: we planted our very own corn field

:: I picked up a project that I started a long time ago

:: we ate lettuce from the garden (thinning out the crazy amount I sowed) - it's too little to make a salad, but we enjoy eating those small leaves on our sandwiches for lunch

:: and radishes too (added them to store bought lettuce)

:: I started rearranging the kitchen (I feel a need for less clutter and more space)

:: I finished one knitting project (a cuddle for knit-a-square) and started a new one (a hat, for KAS too)

1 comment:

  1. those quilts! :)
    and your garden is looking so pretty! i love it!
    also, your kitchen is sparkling! and that green box on the counter is wonderful (because it's green, and because it looks like an antique in well-cared for condition)!
    hugs to you from across the sea.