Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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I struggled with this theme. Tools on Tuesday. I considered taking pictures of my sewing machine (but when was the last time I used it?), my knitting needles (but I already have oh so many pictures of those*), the garden tools (but they're not really photogenic), my husband's tools...

But in the end I realized that these are the tools I use the most. My stove, my pans, and above all that little knife in the bottom left corner of the picture.

That's a potato knife, but in our house it is used for almost everything. Peeling potatoes, cutting up meat and veggies (yes, I do have other, bigger knives, but why bother? this works great), peeling and cutting fruit, chopping off chunks of cheese, opening packages, cutting electric wire, you name it and we cut it with humble little knives like this. We've gone through quite a few over the years , but they are very cheap, so I buy new, sharp knifes when we run out of them, in a different color to know which is which. This is one of the former batches, I guess all the newer (lime green) ones were taken.

tools (sort of)

tools on tuesday

I stopped hesitating about posting my little tool when I saw how Elizabeth's tool is even more about using what's on hand and thinking out of the box than mine...

Want to join us? Leave a link  to your picture in the comments here and/or on Elizabeth's blog.

*I'm working on putting all my pictures (including the ones that appeared on former blogs) on flickr. Stay tuned for that!

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  1. i smiled when i saw that we both went to our kitchens. :)
    and i love your uses for your little knife - i have one that's similar, and i even cut carpet with it once!