Monday, June 18, 2012

G+E :: a week in photos :: me on monday

My blog friend Elizabeth (from Bits of Sunshine) and I are doing a little photo project this week. We've come up with some themes to take pictures of and will be posting both our pictures on our blogs. It will be fun to see the similarities and the differences between our take on these themes.

I first clicked over to Elizabeths blog in 2008 when she commented on Soulemama just after she started her own blog, doing a bit of "shameless advertising" (her words). I like what I saw and we ended up reading and commenting on each other's blogs ever after. When I am blogless (that does happen every once in a while) we send each other email to keep up, and sometimes fun surprises she sent arrive in the mail here.

I do have a love/hate relationship with the whole concept of internet, but this connection, this  friendship (and I truly believe this has grown into a real friendship) is one of the things I love and cherish about it.

Well, those are a lot of words to start a photo project with, so I'll stop rambling.

Here are today's pictures. A hard one to start with since I don't like any pictures of me (but it was my idea, so maybe I need this). I took them myself, arm stretched out and this is the only one of about 100 pictures that I liked. Sort of. Oh well. (I think on this picture I'm really smiling, at the silliness of taking lots of pictures of oneself in the backyard. I like that.)


me on monday

And that's her photo. The difference between these two photo's is so funny. I'm never on photos unaware, I'm always in control of the camera(s) and my family knows I really don't want my pictures taken. Maybe it's time to loosen up.

Want to join us? Leave a link  to your picture in the comments here and/or on Elizabeth's blog.


  1. hello friend. :)
    you look so pretty, smiling away in your photo.
    and i had a laugh, picturing you taking photo after photo of yourself. im so glad you did - it's nice to see your face.
    someday maybe we will have a photo of ourselves together . . . wouldn't that be wonderful?!
    have a lovely monday evening!
    i'm off to the grocery store and to some house tidying after my weekend at work. it will feel good to have things in some sort of order again. :)
    love you!

  2. Oh, that would be wonderful, having a picture of ourselves together. Maybe someday.
    I really like that picture of you, it's so real and peaceful. Have a nice Monday.
    love you!