Thursday, June 14, 2012


color :: grass/forest green

color :: grass/forest green

Right now I am...

:: surprised to find a few plums in the tree. We thought there weren't any

:: thinking it's funny that I can take so many pictures inside when the color of the day is forest/grass green. I didn't even start taking pictures of my grandmother's breadbox and other things in my kitchen

:: guessing I love green

:: pulling out a lot of green in the little strip of garden at the side of the house. I'm letting go of the idea of growing medicinal herbs (for several reasons, mostly because I'm not feeling confident using home grown herbs) and turning it into a flowerbed

:: looking forward to buying flowers for it

:: wondering if it's possible to plant a rainbow of flowers? Could that work? I think it would

1 comment:

  1. I love greens, too. :)
    And yes, I think you could plant a rainbow of flowers. Give it a whirl!