Wednesday, June 13, 2012


color :: red

color :: magenta

color :: carnation pink

color :: orange

color :: yellow orange

color :: mustard yellow

color :: lime green

color :: lime green

color :: lime green

Right now I am...

:: catching up on those colors (I can't post them in the pool anymore, but I think they'd make a nice collage at the end of the month. Plus, I wasn't in the mood to do anything useful today)

:: taking a few weeks off from writing (books and stories that is, not this blog). All three girls are having exams here and the grand total of all the stress flying around here is taking up all my energy.

:: giving myself some time to play instead. Photography, knitting, blogging, maybe even some sewing. I think that's just what I need to be the patient, helpful, reliable mother they need right now.

:: hoping they all pass. We just heard Esther  passed her minor - English translator -, so that's a good start. (thanks again, E., for helping her out. She got 80% on that particular translation)

1 comment:

  1. You are welcome. :)
    I love your stack of mugs.
    And all your colors!
    Best wishes to your girls on their exams!