Tuesday, April 3, 2012






Right now I am...

:: still smiling from driving my husbands car this morning. It was the first time I drove it myself and it was such fun. I know it's silly but it was!

:: also very excited about finishing book #6 today. I'm going to print it for a last read-over and then it's off to my publisher. Such a relief!

:: still thinking very hard to find a title for it. My working titles are simple, just the name of the main character (Donna in this case, isn't that a wonderful name?). But for a real title... oh my. I like short titles, but I just can't come up with anything. Not even a longer one. Oh well, something will come up I guess.

:: going to have a homemaker's day tomorrow. Grocery shopping, cleaning, gardening. Bliss!


  1. I love all the colors in your pictures in this post. Especially the picture of the little white flowers. I hope you are enjoying your day today - your day of homemaking.