Right now I am..

:: still looking at those geraniums waiting for me to plant them

:: not happy about all that rain lately

:: but looking forward to the next few weeks. Forecasts are good.

:: struggling with that third story.

:: relieved that I finally realized why I struggle with it so much.

:: admitting that I fell for the money-making part of this writing gig. I just forced out a synopsis and expected to be able to write it as fast as the other stories. But the difference is that those first two were coming from my heart. I made them fitting for the basic storyline I have to follow, but those were stories I wanted to tell anyway. Those women were alive in my mind.
The people I'm trying to write about now just aren't. Yet. Luckily a 400 word synopsis leaves me a lot of space to change things around. I'm going to think about these two women and find out what their inner conflicts are. That's what missing. Outer conflicts, check. Inner conflicts? Nope.
But I'll find out and then I won't struggle writing their story anymore.