Right now I am...

:: thinking I may have noticed Spring beginning anyway, looking at the pictures I took the last few days. I thought I wasn't really

:: also remembering now the smell of laundry dried in the sun. Oh yes!

:: writing like crazy. I have some (mostly self-imposed) deadlines coming up and really want to finish in time (because after those deadlines there is a lot of fun ahead - a vacation, summer)

:: sitting next to a man who is also working like crazy (but is also looking forward to that vacation and summer)

:: feeling my muscles from excercising yesterday and the day before (trying to loose some weight again and get back some strength)

:: gearing up to exercise today too


  1. i love all the buds and tiny bits of green in your pictures!
    i love that you and your husband get to work beside each other. :)
    hurray for vacations and summer!
    and hurray for exercise! i need to go for a bike ride today, i think. it's beautiful out here.

  2. ah, lovely spring...we hardly had a winter this year and still spring--especially this early and summery spring we've been having--has still somehow been such a relief! (and I even like winter!).
    and i want to start writing again. i keep vascillating re: ideas about crafting for sale etc etc and all of these different things, getting discouraged about how to begin, wanting to just DO something--and then, like the sun peeking out from behind a mass of wind-driven storm clouds, comes the thought: "You are a writer. Write. Stop trying to be everything else and just do what you were made to do."
    I'm glad to have Pigeon's blog, though, because at the moment it is about all the writing I can manage between bottles and diapers and loads and loads of snuggles :o)
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Ha! Even after bottles and diapers writing time is hard to be found. It seems family life takes a lot of time. I'm currently struggling to get my kids to respect the fact that I'm there, but not always available. Important things, yes. Just being in need of some attention, not always (they're 19 and almost 21 - I think they need to be weaned of my undivided attention now).

  4. I love working beside him too. Exercise...hmn forgot about that since this post. Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow. ;-)


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