Monday, February 6, 2012






Right now I am...

:: enjoying the beauty of these winter days

:: slowing down

:: but forgetting that's what I wanted (I've been so frustrated to day at the slow pace I'm going)

:: trying to remember that slowing down is a good thing

:: and that slowing down means that you can't get a week's work done in a day (oh wait, that isn't possible anyway)


  1. the beautiful frost crystals! - us too! :)
    have you been staying warm enough? crazy cold you are having over there in europe. i was reading some articles on the internet and thinking that our weather moved over there and we've got your usual weather over here.
    enjoy your slower days. :)

  2. We're quite comfortable, so glad that we installed double glazing and a new roof this summer!
    For us it's crazy cold, yes. We've had some nights that were 0 degrees F, and days that are not warmer than 25 F. But I think it's not that cold compared to what you are used to, or is it?
    We're close to the coast, so temperatures are a bit (well, a lot) higher than in Germany and other countries farther from the sea.

  3. i guess you are having about the same weather we are having -a and we think it's warm :)
    usually in january and february we have weeks on end where it never warms above zero - even in the middle of the day. this winter is actually feeling like a reprieve to me.