Thursday, February 23, 2012



Right now I am...

:: happy to report that I send that story (the new writing gig) out to the publisher

:: wondering why this is so scary to me (after three, almost four, books)

:: thinking my self confidence still needs a lot of work


  1. that crocus (?) is so very beautiful!
    the story you sent - was it long, short or in-between?
    i think you are wonderful. :)

  2. Crocus, yes. I love it!
    The story was 23.500 words, so I guess that's long (almost half a book for me). But it was so easy to write and fun too, I never guessed it would be. It's for a series that has a basic outline that all the writers need to follow, but with a lot of freedom for the main plot. I hope they let me write more of these!