Thursday, February 16, 2012



Right now I am...

:: wishing diner would cook itself ;-)

:: looking forward to a quiet evening and some knitting

:: brainstorming about a new story (oh yes, it goes on and on)

:: thinking I love writing romantic detectives (as my publisher calls it) the best

:: hoping the first one (coming out in April) will get some good reviews


  1. This sky is beautiful! As always, I wish I could read your books. :) Do you like to read books in English? I have one I think you would enjoy ... Happy Friday to you!

  2. I do read English sometimes, but I found it's hard for me to write in Dutch when I'm reading English too much (it feels like my "language switch" gets stuck or something), so I save those books for times when I'm not writing. Which isn't often ;-), but I'm curious which book you're referring to.
    Happy Friday to you too!

  3. yay for book releases! must be so exciting...

  4. Yes, it is exciting! And scary too. Putting a story I thought up out in the world... Sometimes the scary part takes over.
    My reviews are rather good, but the negative parts of the comments are always on details that I think are normal (like not giving up on a relationship too easy and falling in love quite fast), so it does hit me on personal level. I need to learn to deal with that...

  5. it'll go in the package that will be ready to send someday . . :)