Thursday, January 5, 2012



Right now I am...

:: worried about the people threatened by this storm

we learned that luckily my aunt and uncle are close to, but not in the polder where a dike is breaking - the storm surge barrier that will protect our part of the country is closed already - the region where my parents and brother live (that was flooded in 1953) is safe for now.

:: listening to the wind around our house (I can't find the words to decribe the sound of it, it's not howling, it's more like bumping or banging)

:: smiling because I did take a few minutes to get out of my car to feel and really mindfully notice the power of that storm. It's both scary and beautiful.


  1. well, here you are. :)
    i'm so glad you're back.
    i missed little looks into your home and garden.
    i missed your words.
    (do you read the habit blog? it's sort of like what you are doing here. it's one of my favorites.)
    i hope that the storm is not devastating.
    i do love the wild, raw power of a storm.
    hugs to you tonight, my friend.

  2. Yes, I know the habit blog, I love it and it is a huge inspiration for me (that and SouleMama's right now).
    The storm is over now. There are still some threats of high water in the north, but luckily nothing bad happened.