Right now I am...

:: enjoying lots of sunshine (through the windows, cause it's really, really cold today)

:: looking back at one month of daily photographs and only two of them that I really don't like

:: happy because one of my photographs was featured on shuttersisters 365

:: trying to get myself to do some housework now

:: quite sucked into the story I'm writing at this moment. Which is great since I already sold it (the new writing gig). I've set myself a deadline for halfway March, but at this rate I may even finish it this week...

:: going to do some vacuuming before I allow myself to get back to that story


  1. did the vacuuming make it into the story? :)
    and whoever does the picking for features on shuttersisters did an excellent job picking one of my favorite pictures of yours - ever - to feature!
    glad the sun is shining for you (or was) - we have grey today - but we are just taking it easy . . . a little school-work, some movies, some books, maybe some organizing in my sewing area - we'll see. :)

  2. love hearing about your writing progress...keep up the good work and E.N.J.O.Y! ;o)

  3. I try to, but sometimes it just feels like work ;-)(not the writing part, but oh the editing...).


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