Friday, January 27, 2012



Right now I am...

:: giggling because I always manage to plan a very busy workday when all the other family members are "sort of taking the day off". Oh well.

:: still getting some work done

:: wondering how much I'll share here about my new writing gig. I have one. That's probably all you need to know (it's in Dutch)


  1. i'm happy for you with your new writing gig :)
    maybe i should learn to read dutch - so i can read what you write . . . i'd like to read some of your work, sometime . . .
    and i see you are back outside for your pictures . . . the green of these leaves reminds me of a book i've been reading to the kids - that i love - _a year in colors_ "where is green in winter? / green darkens, shrinks, / stiffens into needles. / green waits / in the hearts of trees, / feeling / the earth / turn.
    happy weekend to you!
    love, ~e

  2. Oh, that would be fun... But hard, I guess. They say Dutch is one of the hardest languages to learn for foreigners.
    Last year I tried some writing in English, but I thought it was really bad and let it go. I reread it last week and now I'm thinking it may not be too bad after all. IT does need a lot of work though, but who knows, maybe you will be able to read some of my work sometime...
    Those green leaves... beautiful words. I like that we have evergreens in the garden, but I like looking for the greens returning even more.
    Happy weekend (what's left of it) to you too!

  3. if you try writing in english again . . . i have done some editing for people who speak english as a second language - in college, i editied theses for two doctoral students - both of whom were exchange students - it was really fun to work with their work and my knowledge of english to keep their work in their voice, but to make it well-written. i also edited a thesis for another blogger who lives in norway but had to write a thesis in english. my editing raised her grade from a C to a B and had we more time, we could have worked it up to an A.
    all that to say - if you would like to share, i would love to see some of your writing in english, just to read it, and i would be happy to do some editing, if you would like . . .

  4. Hmnn, I'd love to let you read one of my stories, but this one... I'm not sure. I wrote it hoping to be able to submit it to Harlequin someday, so it's not really of high standards (although I skipped the "ahem-parts" almost completely, I'm really no good at those). I do like the basic story and the characters though, but I'd like to revisit what I wrote first before letting anybody see it ;-)