Right now I am...

:: saying goodbye to this beautiful flower, since my family is suffering hay-feverish symptoms on top of their flu

:: still glad that I bought it. It was fun watching it grow over the last month


  1. Yes! (I missed taking pictures for the blog, so that's what I'm doing for now, just a daily picture. We'll see what happens next. Knowing me, words will follow shortly. ;-) )

  2. Well, I like your words too so go for it ;o)
    (I just started blogging again myself...anonymously...about life with my new baby boy. I used comment as someone else with a different website, where you used to comment occasionally too... So, these comments aren't as weird and random as you think--we ARE acquainted! ;o)

  3. I think I know who you are ;-) Where can I find your new blog?

  4. www.teawithpigeon.blogspot.com
    Would love to see you there!
    Also, I like the "right nows" that you've added with your photos--a simple and sweet way to journal the days...


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