Monday, August 29, 2011


At knit-a-square they asked for sock.

A few years ago I knit my first pair of socks. It wasn't easy. The second pair took some effort too. Especially that second sock of each pair is just no fun, since it has to be exactly the same as the first one (including things you wish you would have done differently).

Still, I like a challenge and maybe children's socks would get me back into sock knitting. I used Elizabeth Zimmermann's pattern and went for it.
I have four pairs done and I'm working on the fifth.

The trick: knitting to socks at once. I knit the leg of the first one, then start the second one, than heels, than feet, etc. You get the drift. It's much easier to keep up with things this way (I'm experimenting with different sizes). And no second sock syndrom!
Maybe now I'll find the courage to try to knit some for myself again.

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