Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From the garden

I was going to show you what I've been knitting, but I've got other things to tell you about first.
The garden for instance. Not just the back yard (going slowly, but getting there), but also about the other parts of our land that I'm trying to let things grow.

The plum tree is doing great this year. Last year we had no plums at all, but I guess it needed some rest. This is half of what we picked this year.

I was planning to make jam, but we ate them all.

And look at my tomato plant:

I guess I wasn't the only one that tried to catch every tiny bit of sun we got last week.
Even that pepper finally started to turn red.

So I made salad from our own garden last night (I also have some basil growing).

I know it wasn't much and my family laughed because I was so happy with it (it grew in my own garden!) but they did like it. And that's what counts.

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