Monday, July 4, 2011

Knitting too

It wasn't just my sewing that came to a hold these past months, my knitting basket was left untouched too. I was working on things, but not much.
That was my own fault. I wanted to knit a cardigan for my husband. The first was too small, so I frogged it. My own fault, I don't like gauching and usually just guestimate and start knitting. That usually works out fine, but not this time. The second version should have been right though. I counted, did the match and compared to one of his best fitting cardigans. But it turned out huge. At first I was in denial about that, but after knitting the whole body and a sleeve I made him fit the thing. Hmn. Okay, frogged it again.

After a while I realized that this project might be the reason I just didn't feel like knitting anymore. So I opened my new Elizabeth Zimmermann book and started a Tomten Jacket.

Finished in just a few days. I'm not sure how small this is, I think a nine months old baby fits into it, but I'm not sure, there are no babies in my life (and the ones I had were tiny). There are no plans for new babies or grandbabies either, so I'm not sure what to do with this. It was fun to knit though and that's what counts.

Oh, those buttons. The yarn was thrifted, so it could have been a cheap project. But although I have jars of thrifted buttons too, I couldn't find what I had in mind, so I bought new ones. Silly. But I love them on the cardigan.

And now... I'm back at it and started all kinds of things.
Want to look inside my basket?

It's loaded. With:

:: a hat

:: a cardigan (for me)

::squares for a blanket

:: another hat (actually two, there's another one one beneath the one I'm working on)

:: and the needlepoint I'm working on. My grandmother started it and I'm trying to finish it. It's going slow. I like knitting better.

Oh, and maybe someone remembers the giant granny square I started six months ago. That's still there too, but it didn't fit into the basket anymore, so it got it's own basket.

Upstairs I've got another big basket full of yarn. I won't be done knitting soon...

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  1. En zowel het vestje als de deken vind ik heel mooi. Wat borduren betreft: mijn lammetjeskussen is ook nog steeds niet klaar. Eerst met het smoesje dat ik de kleuren niet kon onderscheiden. Maar dat kan ik buiten prima. Het is gewoon niet zo lekker ontspannend als haken of breien.